Vendetta means revenge in Italian, but how does this word translate into the Italian fashion world? With an aesthetic vision based on the deepest secrets of the non-color black, skillful craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. Vendetta the brand, is an emblem that stands for unique Made in Italy products. Uniting the fine art of classic Italian tailoring with a creativity that reinterprets music subcultural movements such as punk, dark, gothic, glam and post-punk, Vendetta breeds clean lines and perfection through jackets that come on strong and with a distinctive visual appeal.

In an openly innovative and artistic process that sees the absence of any fixed references, Vendetta experiments in a field of endless possibilities where the only leads are the love for tailoring and couture, and the idea of classic black revisited in a multitude of unconventional ways. History and fashion give way to the depth and fierceness of personal concepts, transforming high quality materials exclusively made in Italy, into finished limited edition pieces.

Vendetta has also designed and tailored breathtaking and theatrical custom creations for Italian icons such as Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of “The Bloody Beetroots”, Frances Apples of the rock band “Cats”, and Morgan.

Vendetta Vendetta

The first collection of Vendetta is called “Back to Basics” and presents the brand’s vision and background. Classic jackets are revolutionized to show a bold personality; blazers, leather biker jackets and denim ones, are given new tailored proportions to express contemporary looks. Versatile and unisex items wearable at daytime or nighttime, exhibit an intense balance between style elements and details.



The collection explores black as a color-anti-color as it flows in different shades through a variety of materials, textures and finishes, and presents a selection of supreme quality fabrics such as Tasmanian wool, virgin wool, opaque napa leather, pony hair, coated and selvedge denim, jacquard and corduroy.

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud