Flavia La Rocca

Your parents have always told you not to play around with your food but what happens if you have fun with your clothes?
Mixing, moving and matching are the basic characteristics of Flavia La Rocca’s creations. Designed as modular pieces that aim at the full expression of the women who wear them, the Italian designer’s clothes are clever and fit just about any and all moods and situations, in any way you can come up with.
Good to go for travel-lovers who wish to accompany their dynamic lifestyle with comfort, adaptable, experimental and environment-friendly; these garments save raw materials and energy during the production process.
With their cool dna and clean lines, proudly presenting a highly feminine attitude and a great attention to details, Flavia La Rocca collections are also entirely Made in Italy. As Flavia puts it “I like the idea of proposing a different approach to clothing, a different attitude: perhaps an evolution”.

Flavia La Rocca


The inspiration of Flavia La Rocca’s Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection is the city in all its metropolitan aspects; its thriving essence, its urbanistic components, the chaotic lifestyle of the everyday and women’s inevitable necessities.
Neat but bold lines design a renovated concept of femininity, and slightly oversize volumes bring on a masculine accent. Fabrics with different stories spice up the garments, and show an influence that goes from classic to “futuristic” styles, as well as introduce a touch of ethnic taste.

Flavia La Rocca


Straight-meets-oval lines and shapes in a selection of interchangeable and modular pieces of clothing. Coats and jackets present multifunctional identities, and dresses, skirts, tops and trousers create new looks through a multitude of combinations, colors and fabrics.
Black, cream and hazelnut tones, wine purple, rust, teal and turquoise live in solid colors or in cotton or woolen geometric jacquard styles. Basic jersey and lurex are alternated by exclusively ecologic fur and sheepskin.

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud