1.Dark level SS13

1.Dark level

A brand centered on fine quality, innovation, and Made in Italy craftsmanship whose motto is; “Nothing is perfect. Everything has a crack in it, that’s how light can filter through”. Embodying elegance and sensuality through random contaminations and prints, 1.dark level’s luxury also lies in the intellect. From its profound and multilayered creative level, it investigates uniqueness to tell exclusive stories made of matter and humanity: only a muse who lives in pursuit of the unknown and who digs deeper into the subconscious level within herself, will be able to wear the true “dress of life”.
The different approaches used to express this deeply-rooted identity often make use of cinematographic language in the form of short movies, new media and performances.

In 1.dark level’s S/S 2013 collection “ALCHiMiA”, the subconscious is given life with the trademark visual and material mixes in an explosion of primary colors and prints. Inspired by ancient color recipes and how these appear in food, the collection pastes ancient-modern pattern effects on silk tops, shirts and leather t-shirts, and sprinkles blue azulejos and flowers throughout the looks. Everything states the antithesis of “dark”, staying away from black and gloomy imagery. Appealing to modern extroverted women who are capable of mixing and matching, “ALCHiMiA” brings together brilliance and personality.

1.Dark level SS13

Contaminations, fabric mixes and color matching concepts are once again the pillars of 1.dark level’s new collection. The insight is an even deeper journey into the essence of Made in Italy and reveals a strong visual research that highlights the richness of handcrafted products.

1.Dark level FW13/14

Royal blue and rust are the leads. Ice pink and yellow ochre make up the details while fluorescent geranium plays the attention grabber. Microdesigns, design mixes that build up lines, psychedelic and arabesque prints on jacquard fabrics, embroidery and inlay work.

Daytime viscose crepe and nighttime shine, silk crepe de Chine for shirts, Milano rib jersey and soft crust-like leather, leather with designs in relief or with pink and black metallic effects. Silhouettes with sleeves inspired by bat wings and oversize coats to embrace them. Mohair meets wool and alpaca highlights the luminosity of embroidered pieces.

Freshly-conceived necklaces accompany the total looks like transparent crystal flowers. Opulent strass shapes and “blue montana” crystals are either set on plexiglass bodies or held together by a ribbon.

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud