Once again Simone Rainer builds his SS14 collection with geometric precision. In the scenario of a solitary journey through a desert that captivates with its majestic emptiness, colors shift from orange to dustier tones and are cut by a graphic and impenetrable black. Geometric lucky charms arise from the burning sand where pyramids are built as far as the eye can see: triangles following triangles, shaping an obsessive repetition of volumes. The only notable difference lies in their shade that alters when the evening sun washes over everything veering the marvelous orange tint to one of deep blood red, and the last rays of sun stretch out like golden chains seemingly wanting to hold on to such architectural pleasure. The shadows darken the stone spines like sensual mirages of fluid black patent leather.

But as the mechanical action of the wind begins to change the silent landscape, the air burns to life only to uncover another slice of this SS14 collection; a slice of leather crust, sun-scorched canvas and untreated jute that grazes the hands and smells of distant places. Black leather embodies turgid volumes, carrying structures and adding a new three-dimensional flavor, as the rays of the now blinding sun shine pretentiously over golden metals and leather patent.


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Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud