Sciumé is a new Italian brand of accessories launched in February 2013. From its initial idea to the final packaging of its products, every single piece is Made in Italy. The brand attitude is voted to innovation with its conceptual experimental designs and materials; a one-off offer on the market. Sciumé is conceived for dynamic women who love to seek out unconventional fashion items, and who wish to give their style a loud but chic touch.

From the bowels of Greek mythology, Amazon warrior women are the protagonists of Sciumé’s fantastic journey through the past. As if waking up to embody the souls of modern women, the myth, the history, the bravery and the strength that distinguish these female fighters are what makes up Sciumé. The result is an audacious and majestic set of bijoux like sculptures that sing the praises of force.

The collection is a rain of experimental and conceptual shapes, neon colors and eccentric combinations, opaque effects, bright precious stones on galvanized aged silver. Ironic princesslike headbands look like lively crowns. Avant-garde techniques make for glamorous pieces that interchange with elegant and sophisticated wide brim hats à la “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Conceived to adorn the face, they are further embellished with twisted gold and iridescent knots that bear a metallic appearance.


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Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud