Shooting bag 1981
Forging metal to turn his sculptures into material and architectural bags, Alessandro Di Cola – who is more than just a designer and who may be defined as a maker¹ – produces outright wearable artworks. Chiseled volumes in light aluminum are combined with organic and warm materials, making for unique handmade creations that bring together multiple historic and stylish references.

The creativity of the designer was enhanced by his energetic passion for horses. It is among those sensory memories that he sought out materials such as horsehair or fur, uniting them to the aluminum structures of the “bags-to-be”. Ultimately, the concept behind Shooting Bag 1981, finds its roots in the Fox Hunting² tradition carried out by the British in the 19th Century. Looking to a contemporary idea of luxury, the handbags communicate the ambience of that époque through silver inserts reminiscent of hunting trophies and typical silverware of the time.

Shooting bag 1981
The 8 different models of the collection all come in light aluminum, are hand sewn using riveting techniques, lined with tartan fabric and bear handles in polished wood or stamped silver.  Every purse has a lateral personalized stamp with its weight, and identification of the material and composition of it: Al (aluminum), atomic number (13) and oxidation state (+3).

According to the designer, the use of aluminum enables several kinds of experimentations with materials such as wood, leather, horsehair and Mongolian fur, thus resulting in the creation of futuristic objects of desire. The models not only bare hunting-inspired names but physically resemble objects hailing from that world: “Hunter” recalls the stock of a shotgun, “Cuff” is inspired by the sleeve cuff of a British hunting uniform, “Cartridge” was born from the idea of a cartridge belt while “Beagle” is based on the homonymous hound dog breed.

Shooting Bag 1981 is a brand that speaks the style of those contemporary women on the lookout for special and innovative luxury trends that set them apart from the mass.

Shooting bag 1981
Shooting bag 1981Shooting bag 1981
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¹ Maker: the maker culture is a contemporary culture or subculture representing a technology-based extension of the DIY (do it yourself) culture. Typical interests of the maker culture include engineering-oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, 3D printing, as well as more traditional activities such as metalworking, woodworking, and traditional arts and crafts.

² Fox Hunting: originated in the 16th century in the form which was practised until 2005 in Great Britain – is an activity involving the tracking, chase, and sometimes killing of a fox, traditionally a red fox, by trained foxhounds or other scent hounds, and a group of unarmed followers led by a master of foxhounds, who follow the hounds on foot or on horseback.