Spektre sunglasses
is sleek, anarchic and glam and it was born in Milan in 2009. The perfect balance of elegance and street look proposed by the brand has managed to highlight the unconventional side of all those who have chosen to wear it right from day one. Quickly catching the eye of many stylists, top models, fashion editors and bloggers, the mirrored sunglasses grew into a definite must-have, and accompanied by a finely honed guerrilla marketing strategy too, came to be sold in over 42 countries in some of the world’s most cutting edge boutiques.

The brand personifies all the most relevant Made in Italy assets: a consistent aesthetic conceived, designed and produced in Italy using first-quality materials only, injection and cellulose acetate frames manufactured by the historic sunglasses manufacturer Mazzucchelli 1849, as well as high-end lenses produced by Silo Multilayered in the mirrored versions and by Carl Vision Optics by Zeiss in the opaque ones.

Spektre sunglasses
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The new Spektre collection introduces the following models:

  • Audacia (bravery in Italian), is the “crown jewel” of the collection. As suggested by its name, it is a bold but timeless frame made of the finest Italian acetate with a hinted drop-like shape. It bares a metal nosepiece and comes complete with high quality lenses. Classy and confident, this frame suits those who dare.
  • Met-ro (short for metal-round), bares a design reminiscent of the 70s culture through its ultra light metal frame and high quality lenses. Extreme simplicity meets edginess, making this pair of shades the right pick for those who wish to stand out while staying dash.
  • She Loves You is your diva eyewear par excellence. A big, important frame exuding impeccable elegance that speaks a refined and mature language tainted with irony. Suitable for women of all ages.
  • Semper Adamas is the masculine counterpart of She Loves You and is the most discrete pair of Spektre. Discrete but with character, its a classic-but-timeless pair of shades that comes in colors varying from tortoise shell to burgundy to black.

All the lenses used by Spektre provide sun protection factor 3 from UV rays and are 100% polarized, making for a great choice whether it be for taking a stroll on a white beach in the Caribbean, skiing on the Alps or running around a metropolitan city.

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spektre memento audere semper orange mirror
spektre audacia green mirror
Spektre vitesse tortoise red mirror
spektre metro polarizedSpektre vitesse trasp blue orange mirror
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