The Milan based hat master and milliner; Francesco Ballestrazzi, is one of the fanciest new Italian designers on the block. The brand; Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats & Creations, was born in 2011 from the designer’s own wish to launch a series of artistic headpieces that could go beyond the concept of simple hats. So using the surface of the human head as a starting point, Francesco imagines and extends the thoughts and the ideas inside the hat wearer’s head to produce a truly amazing accessory.

All creations are handmade and manufactured by Francesco himself using traditional Italian millinery techniques. Every single collection stems from his own hands and then grows shaped by his experience. The final result is a limited edition production that blends together artisanship, exclusivity, experimentation and a pinch of future vision.

In “Amazone” for example, the hats narrate the essence of nature in a game of lace micro-sculptures, elaborate textiles, fantastic plastic constructions and sinuous floral installations, while feathers plump up creativity in a feast of colors, extravagance and magnificent shapes. In “Tea Time”, a vintage atmosphere filled with irony showcases floral prints, surreal teacups and cake-inspired designs.

Defying the laws of gravity and all sorts of known conventions, Francesco Ballestrazzi’s creations may be deemed as unwearable by fashion skeptics around the world or by those who simply lack the courage to wear them, but as the Italian writer and poet; Gabriele d’Annunzio would say in latin “Memento audere semper” – always remember to dare.

Francesco Ballestrazzi

The craftsmanship and the distinguishing quality of the materials employed by Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats & Creations, position the brand within the panorama of luxury boutiques where customers’ attention is drawn to the the uniqueness and complex manufacturing of each piece.

Understanding the market’s demand for more saleable products too, Francesco has now launched a small capsule collection that presents a more basic style and wearable attitude. The idea is to allow the public to savour the artistry and quality of his creations in more common hats setting aside the typical flamboyance of his usual designs.

Francesco Ballestrazzi

The Basic Collection is custom-made and buyers may place their order all year round.

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Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud