Fashtags is not just a fashion designer hunting hub; it’s also a melting pot of talents and icons. One of the most talked about Italian style girls as of late is Eleonora Carisi; owner of the innovative concept store You You in Turin that sells creations of emerging designers as well as her own personal brand What’s Inside You.

Fashion blogger risen to fame thanks to her own blog and popular muse for a variety of fashion campaigns such as the Yamamay video she stars in directed by Senio Zapruder, Eleonora also contributes as an It Girl and trendsetter for Grazia.it.  Her skills though, don’t end here: street style fashion photographer, Eleonora is also known for being called to develop cool unconventional marketing strategies in the fashion panorama.

Yamamay and Mahi Bali – directed by Senio Zapruder

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#F: What do you think are the distinguishing elements of Made in Italy?
EC: The quality and the selection of materials to create garments that become one with whoever wears them; just like a second skin

#F: Which concept or mood best represents your style?
EC: My icons are Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn and most divas of that era. I’m inspired by the 1950s, blues music, femininity and self-confidence, the image of a cigarette in one’s mouth, sexy women and soft hair waves.

#F: What do you think of the designers we’ve selected on Fashtags so far? What are your preferences?
EC: I appreciated  Vivetta; the pastel colors and unexpected details like the huge bows and the neoprene daisies on the oversize coats. The limited edition collection of  An Italian Theory’s Alessandro Enriquez with Azzurra Gronchi very much represents my Sicilian roots; the colored fabrics are so summery and they remind of the typical folklore of Southern Italy.

Eleonora CarisiEleonora CarisiEleonora Carisi
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Source photos: Joujouvilleroy.com