The brand Simone Rainer unites the traditional essence and craftsmanship of leather and the unquestionable precision of geometry in a mission to recreate ideal beauty and perfection. From the brand’s logo – a pythagorean pentagon enclosing an isosceles triangle – to every single handbag made, the basic common principle of perfection that is the golden ratio rule is applied. This mathematical constant algebraically expressed as Φ phi (=1,618), is found in all volumes, proportions and dimensions, and right down to the smallest detail.

Simone Rainer

Rainer’s desire to exceed his own vision of superlative aesthetics is also seen in his personal interpretation of the three phases of the alchemic process that transforms base substances to gold (nigredo, albedo, rubedo). With this concept in mind, every one of his collections gives life to special and unique leather finishings and treatments, such as black etched calfskin, touch-sensitive color-changing nappa lambskin, and 9 carat gold powder prints.The S/S 2013 collection keeps Rainer’s basics in place while exploring the human body at its crudest. Inspired by Diderot’s and D’Alembert’s encyclopedia and by Rembrandt’s “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr.Nicolaes Tulp”, he dissects and examines all the body’s components. The result is a set of unusual and diverse handbags that interpret organs and their textures, and are reminiscent of the scientific accuracy of autopsies and lab work.

Simone Rainer

A supernova is a stellar explosion so bright that it briefly outshines the luminosity of the galaxy and radiates as much energy as the sun. In the same way, the Simone Rainer A/W 2013-14 collection; “Supernovae”, is an uncontainable explosion of creative material geometries fueled by the desire to discover the universe and its secrets.
Exploring the essence of stars and star dust, inspiring daydreams and describing meteorites, narrating the story of a contemporary Little Prince, Rainer delivers an enchanting and poetic idea.

Simone Rainer


The golden ratio rule is still present and manifests itself through three-dimensional perfection and spiral shapes inspired by twirling galaxies. Sparkling diamonds occur like surprising bursts of light and geometric shapes appear as galactic flakes. Materials are reminiscent of those expelled by the supernova’s explosion; uraniam, cobalt, gold and silver.

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud