“What if faucets were born to be handles, and we’ve just found it out?”

Humour, sensuality and colour. The Vitussi bag turns itself into an object of desire, becoming expression of an eccentric style and suiting a strong woman, not afraid of exploring new boundaries of art and beauty. The strong feature of Vitussi lies within the choice of materials, which goes from several types of leather (painted and laser perforated) to the new entry of this collection: the prickly pear, symbol of Sicily’s wilderness.

The attention to details is crucial in the making of Vitussi bags, most of which are made following Leonardo’s golden ratio to reach perfection in proportions. The prickly pear bag is a benchmark of the collection and it can be even customised upon request – for instance, by adding embroidered initials as well as a picture.

Vitussi-pyramid-bag Vitussi pyramid chess eel Vitussi pyramid pois bag
The lining of Vitussi trunk bags is stitched and screwed to the structure, but the prickly pear version can be made without a lining, to enhance material’s sheerness. Humour is an intrinsic factor of Vitussi bags, especially in the Art Collection Bauletto, Unattainable Luxury – the bag is gold-plated and its barbed wire handle recalls the clash between buying and owning completely.

Speaking of humour, but with a hint of vintage flavour, the Art Collection Bauletto, Roobi Net is the staple item of this collection, which is dedicated to water, and transcends the main function of the faucet, which becomes a gold or silver-plated handle.

A bag by Vitussi represents the encounter of fashion and art, going beyond standard definitions of trend without following conventional rules.

Vitussi Roobi NetVitussi prickly pear trunk bagVitussi ivory haircalf leather trunk bag
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