ARRIVO, designed by Stefano Ughetti and Matteo Gioli of Camo and Super Duper Hats respectively, is among the names listed for the 87th edition of Pitti Uomo in the Pitti Italics section; a program showcasing the coolest upcoming Made in Italy fashion designers who’ve got an international slant.

Embracing this creative collaboration to give Italian fashion and its history a new perspective, the two designers set out to fully express a value they both have in common: the knowledge and the passion for craftsmanship that speaks a contemporary language.

When working on his brand, Camo, Ughetti creates vintage pieces with a modern-meets-traditional taste, while Gioli’s original take on headgear with Super Duper hats – born together with Ilaria e Veronica Cornacchini – looks to high quality raw material to construct authentic handcrafted products. As a duo blending personal creative experience and proud inspiration sought from two grandfathers who were both cyclists, the project ARRIVO shakes up a fresh, new vision of classic menswear.

The name of the brand, meaning ‘finish line’ in Italian, is also a milestone conceived to represent a starting point from which to interpret menswear in a whole new way. The key concepts behind the designs are the will power and the determination that pushed true sportsmen to keep going no matter what, if not only to redeem themselves to hope for a new beginning post-war.

Arrivo by Stefano Ughetti & Matteo Gioli

The Collection

A fresh touch frames the ARRIVO collection composed of three separate pieces that combine to make 27 different outfits. Featuring an updated idea of cycling attire, a basic palette of black and white translates right from the 1940s and 1950s photographs of cycling’s greatest professionals. Neatly packaging an up-to-date identity, every piece contributes to expressing the brand’s balanced mix of traditional-innovative style insights.

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