Lucio Vanotti


Lucio Vanotti is the emblem of stylistic purity. The character of his collections is fast, efficient, anti-romantic. Intended to be used as a daily object, his items of clothing are reduced to their basic essence; an extreme abstraction that is easy to use.

Seasons are not important but personal touches are, and the rational and often interchangeable pieces that Vanotti makes for both men and women, fuse beauty with utility and avoid ornamentation. Exactly like his S/S 2013 collection entitled “Sleepwalkers”. Inspiring a sense of suspension, the collection’s mood told a story of was also fully expressed in the fashion film directed by Leone Balduzzi, and was based on individuals in a psychiatric hospital who suffer from Misocromia; a greek word to describe the hatred of colors.

“Every collection is like designing a house, and I think about who would live in it. This was my favorite game when I was a child.”

Lucio Vanotti


The Lucio Vanotti A/W 2013-14 collection “Concrete”, is a style session where time is suspended and where rigid and flat concrete pillars stand in contrast with the wild raging sea. Each and every item of clothing embodies a sartorial mind and the ideal of an authentic vision of tomorrow’s fashion. Lucio Vanotti describes his own collection as: practical, basic and composed.



“Concrete”, is a silent orchestra played by texture, structures and shapes. A portfolio of cement-looking thick materials oppose, meet, and love flowing fabrics: rubbers, rich leathers, sleek wools and sheer cotton stretch. Structured craftsmanship is noted in shirts, t-shirts, and jackets, and is expressed through the use of a cold colors such as dark blue, black, sky blue, white and multiple tones of grey. The prints mimic surfaces of concrete, human eyes and the sea.

“Concrete” also sees Peter Non’s collaboration for a dress shoe, and presents a new and unconventional interpretation of the iconic rucksack now crafted in a quilted leather version and a waxed rubber one.

Lucio Vanotti offers a different vision of daily life with details that take its wearer to inhabit a place where time is suspended.

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud