His style is edgy, cool and original. He is the master of punk crafting. Giancarlo Grossi aka Gienchi, started out in his apartment in Milan, inspired by London’s 1980s punk scene. With his friends sending him home their Converse All Stars, his handcrafting skills and “rough and tough” treatments began receiving unparalleled recognition in no time at all. His trademark All Stars covered in studs, eyelets, rivets and sequins, exploded into an unstoppable fashion trend and iconic must-have both in town and overseas.

In 2010 Gienchi breaks into the fashion system with his own Converse-inspired sneaker collection, rigorously Made in Italy and with a chunkier look. Only apparently extreme, Gienchi shoes tap into the secret desire of those who want to wear a brave fashion statement and feel unique.

The maniacal attention put into the choice of materials and the minute details of each and every pair, have the power to shock in the same way as do special effects. Now also available in eye-catching colors and without metal inserts & co., Gienchi sneakers are simply daring pieces of foot art.

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud