cor sine labe doli
The force behind Cor Sine Labe Doli‘s SS 2014 collection plays upon the laws of attraction to “make opposites meet to create something unexpectedly different”. The romantic, playful and innocent spirit of the brand shows its coarser face and decides to accompany its choice of classic and “gentler” materials like ceramic and silk, with more impactful ones such as matte ceramic and aluminum. The new and original designs are now dipped in and washed over by sophisticated shades of pearl grey and military greens.

Always looking to the past to feed its future, Cor Sine Labe Doli breathes new life into outdated items by making them must-haves for an ultramodern look. Proposing a whole series of elegant yet unconventional fashion items like necklaces, ties and pocket squares inspired by real gentlemen’s wardrobes, the brand also revisits its iconic first creation the “Primo” bow tie in a variety of tints and prints.

Dandy men who love eccentric details and who can’t wait to let their punk essence run wild liven up their nights out wearing glazed ties, studded bow ties and camouflage prints, while the morning sees them back to their impeccable gentleman self in silk bow ties in rich colors and classic prints. The Cor Sine Labe Doli woman on the other hand, steals her man’s accessories and uses them as precious jewellery to give her feminine outfits that extra touch of grandeur.

The reinterpretation of traditionally male accessories creates a new persepective and makes interchangeability the key to connect the male and female fashion worlds. The bow tie thus becomes a bow-choker as the ties assume the role of exquisite girly accessory.

But Cor Sine Labe Doli’s must for this season is “Cardio”, a heart-shaped pendant and brooch that bears a conceptual and emotional value that perfectly embodies the meaning established by the brand’s name: a heart not blemished by betrayal.

Cor sine labe doli
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