Men’s Fashion Week in Milan was catwalk shows as always but also FW 14/15 collections at trade fairs and other events. The White Trade Show in collaboration with the project A.I. Artisanal Intelligence, showcased a bunch of emerging designers whose work mixes innovative and contemporary design with typical Made in Italy craftsmanship. Four stories of contemporary creativity set out to keep up tradition. None of the brands though, feared stepping into the territory of the unpredictable, and went on to investigate the fields of modern, original and even vintage precepts.

The cork bags of Silvia Massacesi received special treatment to be water resistant yet super light and flexible. One of the peaks of the collection was the inlay work shaping the silhouettes of owls and wings of dragonflies. A “well-educated” brand that shows the influence of William Morris – the English textile designer famous for making prints in woven textiles – and of the Wiener Werkstätte, the Austrian production community of visual artists that became famous in the early twenties for reflecting the taste of Viennese high society.

Winner of the Vogue Eco Talent Award 2013, in this eco-chic handbag collection Silvia Massacesi combines advanced technology and romanticism using only natural or recycled materials.

Silvia Massacesi
Jenì on the other hand, mixes metal, leather and animal prints to amplify the impact of the designs and the power of materials. Looking to the strength and beauty of the female warriors of our times, the combination of strong lines, clean shapes and sophisticated handcrafting techniques result in timeless items. A fitting look for those who appreciate a luxurious way of life without having to give up comfort.

For Miss Gummo, manual expertise is a family tradition as is the ability to turn something simple into a contemporary work of art. Examples of this are the brand’s felt hats and the precious headbands. Playing with outrageous shapes and colors, Miss Gummo reinvents classics and steers away from clichés, drawing inspiration from past Hollywood glamour but throwing in a bit of fun and drama.

Miss Gummo
The social project “Fumne”, is a homage to dynamic women. The pieces talk about art through the work of a group of incarcerated women in Turin. Every handbag, clutch, shoulder bag and backpack is produced in different materials, embellished using handmade embroidery and tells a story that weaves emotions, sensitivity and determination.

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Post edited by Louise Solla.