An Italian Theory Azzurra Gronchi
The new An Italian Theory collection designed by Alessandro Enriquez, is made up of unisex garments with the exception of a few female pieces. Different weights and yarns such as mohair, cashmere and lambswool speak up; fine gauges for the lightweight jacquard pattern where the “GOOD LUCK” theme combines with the geometric graphics of a bright palette of navy blue, red, pink, yellow, black and algae-green; heavier weights for the knitted jumpers handmade-style where the “heart” and the “horse shoe” create tone-on-tone textures. Boy pants, oversize sweaters, maxi skirts, with “cellophane” intarsia, the latest generation transparent yarn alternate with the “Milano” stitch conferring fabrics a silky touch.

The collaboration of the creative duo, An Italian Theory + Azzurra Gronchi started back in April 2013 and has developed into a new accessories collection for this FW14-15 season. Accessories showing unusual shapes, clearly inspired by the geometrical figures of triangles, squares, rectangles and semicircles also make their way into the knitwear collection.

The An Italian Theory original pattern presents new elements and features prints of “gesticulating hands” in the form of “ok”, “hearts” and “fists”. An additional “animal-patchwork” puzzle showcases pieces of different animals and naturally goes on to assemble unexpectedly bizarre ones.

An Italian Theory Azzurra Gronchi bags
An Italian Theory Azzurra Gronchi
An Italian Theory Azzurra Gronchi
The use of recycled materials is new in the An Italian Theory accessories collection. Parts of unisex backpacks and female clutches show recycled metal plates of various shapes and sizes taken from old metal shutters discovered at Nicola Corsaro’s warehouse – a vintage repository in Bari – and are re-colored to combine with the FW14-15 color palette. An Italian Theory brings back forgotten materials and objects to a new and glamorous life.

An Italian Theory knitwear
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