Tothem woman SS14
From the depths of the ocean’s hidden darkness, Neptune’s feminine alter ego emerges and shapes into fashion. Once again Tothem explores the sea abyss, transforming its mysterious creatures into clothing that’s as soft as a caress, and revealing the secrets of Mermaids.

Iridescent floaty colors get printed on fresh fabrics and decorate curvaceous lines, composing the plot of an underwater story. Sunlight beams, as fleeting as camera shots, make their way to the bottom of the sea brightening up the surroundings and making them vibrate in different shades that get darker as the light gradually dissolves. Seashells and other sea creatures look dazed and astonished, gaining the appearance of eyes and mouths wide open. As if plunging right into a wave, the Tothem woman slips below the surface of the water and becomes the heroine of a sea tale that was never told.

Tothem woman SS14
Since Tothem’s latest photographs, four new totems were born: four different looks presenting a variety of contrasting colors such as those seen in the sea-belt. Scale pattern fabrics cover busts and legs like a second skin. Close-fitting seashell armors protect the body and dress to kill at the same time. Jellyfish and anemones freely fluctuate in profusions of blue and into flashy and electric expressions, while dolphins chase after each other as if in a game of marine courtship.

The SS14 Mermaid Collection is a fantasy containing mythical sea creatures that take center stage as they turn human: a tale about the sea’s unseen secrets as well as the metamorphosis of mermaids into women. Not shying away from their past, they transform and grow into a more casual sensuality through leggings and stretch pants, bathing bodysuits, comfortable cotton t-shirts and thin nylon raincoats. Long silk skirts hide their new human features and oppose to divided skirts that confidently show them off. And when the night envelopes everything around them and the sea is as appealing as can be, their bathing dresses are just perfect to take one last plunge underwater.

Tothem woman SS14
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Photo credits: Carolina Amoretti.

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud