Six years in the making, 111 the most iconic portrait paintings, 131 styling photography, and her personal essay collections.

A life journey around the world, from Paris to Milan, from London to Shanghai.

« Style, Art, Life » is the second mandarin art book collection, by Nancy Zhang – chinese artist now living in Berlin – yet a review and sentiment of her art  style and personal aesthetics in the past 6 years.

Style Art Life artbook Nancy Zhang

«Style is a surface, is the concentration and reflection of experiences, yet a production of your mind. » – she explains – « It has been changing by your thinking, revealing your memories from the past sometimes. It is a mirror beside oneself, a shadow below oneself. »

The artbook, launched first in Milan and then last October at 10 Corso Como Shanghai with a special exhibition, combines western and oriental style with Zhang’s personal aesthetics.

Thus the mandarin artist creates a sentimental review in which each fashion photography matches a corresponding illustration with the addition of author’s personal essays. She talks about fashion, expressing through art the love for last generation of designers, for their creativity and passion.

Between the selected brands, thanks to the cooperation with Fashtags that connect the artist with the fashion talents, Vivetta, Miryaki and An Italian Theory become illustrations in the book and has the opportunity to exhibit their outfits in Shanghai.

Vivetta Nancy ZhangMiryaki Nancy ZhangAn Italian Theory Nancy Zhang