Created by Massimo Giorgetti in 2008, MSGM is the colorful outburst that was born during the darkest hours of fashion’s economic crisis; the one that was pushing fashion’s face right into the ground.

With a piercing color palette full of imagination, a rich and persuasive energy, an infinity of crisp prints and wild patterns, the classic but frivolous shapes and volumes, and heaps of never-ending inspiration, MSGM literally blew everyone away including the international press and worldwide buyers.

In 2010, Vogue Talents defines the brand as one of the best emerging collections and Massimo Giorgetti as being a true revelation among fashion designers. Requests to sell MSGM begin to shower all over starting from London based Matches and Browns to Lane Crawford in Asia, from Joyce in Hong Kong to Harvey Nichols in Istanbul and in Dubai. MSGM is so successful it ends its fall-winter sales campaign in 2011 with an increase of 200% and with its presence in 280 boutiques around the world.


MSGM is as unpredictable and as surprising as the man who designs it. Massimo describes fashion as “Amazing!” and himself as a courageous and persevering soul; an enthusiast and a stubborn match.

The mix of cinema, art and music that Massimo puts into his creations, his knowledge of the history of fashion united with the essence of the everyday and his overall vision, give way to pure freedom of expression and produce an explosive visual mix of creativity. 

Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud