Greta Boldini SS14

Founded in Rome in 2011 by designers Alexander Flagella and Michela Musco, Greta Boldini is a project that reflects the ideal of an evergreen kind of style, for a woman who is determined, sophisticated, fragile and romantic at the same time. A brand for modern women bound by a romantic and retro allure.

The name and DNA of Greta Boldini derive from the international film icon Greta Garbo; renowned for her rigorous elegance, and Giovanni Boldini; painter and interpreter of the Belle Époque – the “Beautiful Era” in which the arts flourished in French and Belgian culture. The brand represents a fantastic trip in which art and dream merge together expressing the designers’ intimate feelings.

Precious materials, master draperies, essential lines and handcrafted leather are the perfect balance between glamour and artisanal production, and are the deep creed of the Greta Boldini maison.

Greta Boldini’s SS14 collection presents a gentle woman framed in the ethereal and elegant set of the movie; “Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini” based on the Italian novel by writer Giorgio Bassani. In a perfect expression of pure virtuosity, the collection begins with the study of exclusive sports in the forties only to naturally flow into a stream of elegant and evening dresses. An extra touch is given by the mastery use of color and the precious handcrafting techniques that envelope each piece.

Greta Boldini SS14
A color palette that runs through cherry blossom shades with a range that varies from pale pinks, to light cognac, to absolute whites. Among the must-have pieces are the sea pants, a revisited bomber jacket in embroidered cotton; a classic item pinched from a casual closet that fits supremely with the delicate chiffon dress, and an elegant revisited bush jacket that accompanies soft petticoats to create heavenly feminine silhouettes.

The bag styles present a bowling bag that’s good to go and a backpack capable of containing all the bearer’s emotions. The materials used in the collection go from basic to rough cotton, and combine with embroidered chiffon and amusing graphics in ivory and vivid cherry colors. Greta Boldini’s SS14 collection offers a unique interpretation of high fashion, and is the result of a captivating dualism that runs in between a sports mood and an elegant demi-couture style.


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Post edited by Odeya D.Bendaud