Alessia Xoccato SS15
Every collection of designer Alessia Xoccato, starts with an in-depth material research that takes her to distant places where different eras and artistic movements bring to life new aesthetic codes. Images, colors, textures, inspirations and expressions are all essential parts of this process.

The SS15 collection is an ode to the geometries of German Abstract art of the beginning of the 1900s. Colors and shapes are reinterpreted through a unique conceptual yet playful flavor, driving the creative taste of artist Paul Klee right into the hand-applied oversize colored stones, in the volumes and primary shapes defining the clothes, in the necklines and cuts.

The king fabric used throughout the collection is cotton, with thicknesses ranging from compact double-cloth trench coats to soft poplin shirts, from embossed effects to transparent organzas, fil coupé techniques, jacquards and laser-cut embroidered surfaces even on double face pieces.

Alessia Xoccato SS2015
Shirting is very present and translated into t-shirts and dresses, and goes hand in hand with sweatshirts in mock leno weaves, contrasting knopped surfaces, and mini-maxi textured details alternated between jackets, tops and skirts. Technical fabrics find their reason-to-be too, in jackets and raincoats with intangible laminates with a liquid effect.

Solid color blocks punctuate the strength and brightness of the collection with ultramarine blue, teal, pool green and citron, softening when it comes to the tints of sky blue and nude. Last but not least, black is used to define the character of pastel shades that come combined in light variations of white, milk and ice.
Overall, the Alessia Xoccato’s SS15 collection strikes the eye as an inescapable game of elementary geometry supported by a rich and vibrant melting pot of material compositions.

Alessia Xoccato SS2015
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